Ramadan Videos Break Stereotypes

Indonesian introduces Muslim holy month


As I am writing this, Ramadan will arrive soon. A lot of my American friends and my American family have asked me what Ramadan is and what I do during Ramadan. They want to know why I fast, if it’s hard not to eat until sunset, and much more. At the same time, my Indonesian friends are asking me how I will survive during Ramadan in the United States.

Considering that technology allows us to connect across the world, I came up with an idea to make a video about how Muslims in Indonesia do their fasting, and what I will do during Ramadan to make fasting easier while in the United States. My friend helped me by videotaping Ramadan in Indonesia.

My video has helped my American friends understand Ramadan. It also helps break stereotypes, replacing whatever images they may have had with more accurate ones. My American friends thought that the main purpose of Ramadan is fasting, but it is about spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion and worship. Meanwhile, my Indonesian friends thought it would be very hard to fast in America.

I got advice from Muslim students that did Ramadan in the United States last year, who said it can be easier if we prepare ourselves in the right way.

I’m very happy my American and Indonesian friends are interested and got a better understanding of Ramadan in both countries through my video.

—Satria (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the MacKenzie family (WV)