We Will Rock You

You're not ready for this.

Society makes us stronger. The opportunity we got from PAX and the FLEX program is incredible. We have been able to meet, get to know, and make friends with people living far away from us. Especially during this pandemic time, this has been very important from the standpoint of our socialization needs.

Besides the people portion of the program, we have had a chance to participate in many wonderful online meetings, projects, and webinars. In every of those activities, we shared our opinions, memories, and parts of our culture. In this project, we want to share ourselves and the people who have been helping and inspiring us to want more, to be more.

In moments like this, we can spread our positive energy everywhere.

We created a video with the song “We Will Rock You” by the well-known band Queen. We decided to invite friends, families, host families, pen pals, American teenagers, and exchange students from all around the world to simply do some good together. It was a pleasure collecting around 80 videos—we spoke with almost 200 people! They were excited to be part of this project and surprised us with their creativity and engagement.

In moments like this, we can spread our positive energy everywhere. People deserve to have some happy moments, especially in days like this. We are really glad that we could be part of the PAX/FLEX community, our exchange student clusters, and our host families. It has exposed us to so much kindness, which is so important in this crazy world.

We had a lot of fun creating this video together. Now, we want to show you our work.

—Aleksandra and Maciej (FLEX, Poland), Virtual Program