Unforgettable IEW in Indiana
Exchange student from the Philippines shares traditional dress with his American classmates in Indiana

Mohammad proud to represent the Philippines

My presentation for International Education Week was one of the most unforgettable moments in my exchange student journey. Before I started my presentation, I could hear the curiosity, observations, and excitement of my audience.

Standing in front of a crowd that was remarkably eager to learn about my country strengthened my confidence to speak about my homeland, the Philippines. I launched a successful presentation filled with intercultural learning.

I shared interesting facts about my country, sang the national anthem, and danced traditional dances. I showed the traditional clothing of my culture. I also taught my audience how to read and pronounce Filipino words. They enjoyed it and did their best to sound like Filipinos.

It was an hour of learning that will last forever. 

My fingers cannot express how glad I was to see my American friends, teachers, and schoolmates with broad smiles on their faces while I was presenting. One of the biggest challenges was getting the attention of my audience. It is difficult to maintain high energy from beginning to end, but I am thankful my confidence helped me to light up the crowd for learning about my unique culture.

These people sincerely gave me their time to understand and embrace diversity. I lost count of the impressions, reactions, and compliments from the crowd. I cannot express how thankful I am to have had an opportunity to share insights about the Philippines. It was an hour of learning that will last forever.

—Mohammad (YES, Philippines), hosted by the Hapner family (IN)