When We Know Better, We Understand Better

Stereotypes true? Fifi explores.


As an exchange student, I am an ambassador of my country, Indonesia. I have a responsibility to introduce my country to America and introduce America to Indonesia. When I heard about the virtual exchange project, I thought it would be a wonderful chance to make something that can be watched again and again by people in the U.S. and Indonesia!

The question I got asked most often is how the schools in Indonesia and America are different. I realized that not everyone can travel far away, and Indonesia and America are separated by more than 14,000 kilometers. So, I decided to take some questions that had been asked a lot and make a video explanation. I also asked my friends in Indonesia and America what they thought about the other’s schools. So in the end, I got to be an ambassador and spread more understanding about each country in a seven-minute video!

Before I came to the U.S., some people were afraid I would be left out just because I was different. But there was nothing like that, I just felt like a normal person, and everyone was nice to me. So, I made the video about my activity in both schools to show that there's no big difference.

If we look deeper, we can see that we have more similarities than differences. When we know better, we understand better. Hate will decrease, and love will increase.

I'm happy to show that I love being part of both countries.

—Fifi (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Moe family (WI)