On-Program Travel Policy

UPDATED NOVEMBER 13, 2023 ("Scenario 1: Fast-Pass" expanded to cover more situations)

PAX is responsible for its students at all times. This includes trips throughout the program year. The below three-scenario guide provides an overview of the travel policy to ensure: (1) PAX is properly informed of all trips and (2) the necessary approval has been provided for qualifying travel.

Potentially traveling internationally? This involves steps not necessary when traveling within the U.S., as students must get their multiple entry DS-2019 form signed. Please find special guidance on international travel here.


Scenario 1) Fast-Pass

Does the trip meet all of these criteria?

  • Domestic travel (within the 50 states)
  • Chaperoned by the student’s host parent, PAX Community Coordinator, or an official school trip
  • Cost to student $300 or less (excluding souvenirs)
  • Missing no more than five days of school
  • Trip ends no later than two weeks after last day of school

If so, your travel request will be automatically approved upon completion of the short fast-pass form.



Scenario 2) Travel Request

Does the trip involve one of the below situations?

  • Travel with someone other than the student’s host parent, PAX Community Coordinator, or official school trip (e.g. friend’s family, youth group, etc.)
  • Independent travel to chaperoned destination (e.g. visit to natural family or friends after March 1)
  • Cost to student more than $300
  • Trip is international
  • Missing more than five days of school

If so, the trip requires the online Travel Request Form and accompanying Signatures Sheet. Please access the Signatures Sheet for download here. The Signatures Sheet must be signed by hand by a host parent and the student. At the bottom of the online Travel Request Form (see link below), you will be prompted to upload the signed Signatures Sheet.

Once the complete travel request is submitted, PAX staff will review the trip details and send the completed form to the student’s overseas organization for official natural parent approval, if required. Chaperones not already affiliated with PAX will be required to submit a criminal background check upon request. Although a student may indicate that the natural family has given permission, PAX needs to secure all details, sharing these with the overseas partner for approval, if required. Final approval of any travel request is at the sole discretion of PAX.

For domestic travel, the Travel Request Form must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. For international travel, the Travel Request Form must be submitted at least one month in advance. Students should not book airline tickets or incur any other nonrefundable expenses until they have received formal written approval for their trip from the PAX Travel Request Department.

Travel Request


Scenario 3) Cannot be Approved

If the proposed on-program travel meets one of the below criteria, it unfortunately cannot be approved. Note that not all possible scenarios are covered here and final approval of any travel request is at the sole discretion of PAX. 

  • International travel without host parents
  • Travel with chaperone under 25 years of age
  • Non-Fast-Pass travel without proper advance notice
  • Trips involving a visit with natural family or friends from home country before March 1
  • Travel with commercial tours for groups of teens (e.g. Belo Tours)
  • International travel to a country or area designated under U.S. Department of State (USDOS) Travel Advisories as “Level 4 - Do Not Travel"

Please note that many trips to Mexico by car cannot be approved due to USDOS “Level 4 - Do Not Travel" advisories. Travel by plane or cruise ship can often be approved, depending on the specific destination within Mexico. Travel to countries that carry a Level 2 or Level 3 Travel Advisory require permission from the student’s natural parents and (for FLEX and YES students) USDOS. You can check the travel advisories for your destination on the USDOS' Travel Advisories webpage.


***Due to the ongoing global pandemic, participants are strongly discouraged from traveling internationally while on program. Current or future U.S. and foreign government travel regulations and constraints may preclude approval of travel requests and may lead to revocation of previously submitted and/or approved requests.***