Special COVID-19 On-Program Travel Policy

PAX is responsible for its students at all times. This includes trips throughout the program year. As such, the on-program travel policy ensures both that PAX is properly informed of all trips and the necessary approval has been provided for qualifying travel.

Please note that a special COVID-19 on-program travel policy is in effect until further notice. Developed with the health and safety of all participants in mind, it has three simple scenarios into which all on-program travel falls. Please identify your scenario below and take any corresponding action that may be required.


Scenario 1) Fast-Pass

Does the trip meet all of these criteria?

  • Domestic travel (within the 50 states)
  • Chaperoned by the student’s host parent(s)
  • Cost to student $100 or less (excluding souvenirs)
  • No missed school
  • Trip ends no later than two weeks after last day of school

If so, your travel request will be automatically approved upon completion of the short fast-pass form.



Scenario 2) Travel Request

Does the trip involve one of the below situations?

  • Chaperoned by PAX Community Coordinator
  • Is an organized school trip
  • Cost to student more than $100
  • School absence

If so, the trip requires the online Travel Request Form and accompanying Signatures Sheet. Please access the Signatures Sheet for download here. The Signatures Sheet must be signed by hand by a host parent and the student. At the bottom of the online Travel Request Form (see link below), you will be prompted to upload the signed Signatures Sheet.

Once the complete travel request is submitted, PAX staff will review the trip details and send the completed form to the student’s overseas organization for official natural parent approval, if required. Chaperones not already affiliated with PAX will be required to submit a criminal background check upon request. Although a student may indicate that the natural family has given permission, PAX needs to secure all details, sharing these with the overseas partner for approval, if required.

Note: completed travel requests should be submitted at least two weeks ahead of the trip.

Travel Request


Scenario 3) Cannot be Approved

If the proposed on-program travel meets one of the below criteria, it unfortunately cannot be approved.

  • Cruises

  • International travel

  • Travel with someone other than the student’s host parents, PAX Community Coordinator, or an official school trip, e.g. friend’s family, youth group, etc.

  • Travel with chaperone under 25 years of age

  • Independent travel to chaperoned destination

  • Non-fast-pass travel without proper advance notice
  • Trips involving a visit with natural family or friends from home country before March 1


***On-program trips should not violate state or local travel advisories. Should you have questions about your on-program travel plans or the special COVID-19 on-program travel policy, please email travelrequest@pax.org.***