Thriving in Utah
YES foreign exchange student from Pakistan and her host sisters on the first day of school in Utah
Neha (right) and her host sisters looking forward to their first day of school

A lot of firsts for Neha

I am spending my exchange year in Salt Lake City, Utah. And I love this city. The mountains here are really beautiful. I will never forget my first experience hiking. It is just one of the memorable things I have done since I arrived. And now I love hiking.

My host family has helped me in many ways. I have tried a lot of Mexican and Italian food with them. My first day of school was really exciting and fun. I met a lot of new people. It’s really different from our school in Pakistan. School is always fun. The teachers are really helpful and supportive.

I went to the state fair with my host family and another foreign exchange student which was so much fun. Indeed, being here in my host community, learning new things, making new friends, living with my American host family, talking about each other’s countries, and sharing our cultures is all really fun. So far, being an exchange student has given me pride in myself.

—Neha (YES, Pakistan), hosted by the Lonardo family (UT)