The Timeline of a Musical Dream

An original exchange-themed song

2011. I was six years old when I wrote my first poem. I was so excited to tell everybody about my new achievement. The song consisted of only eight words, but it seemed like a masterpiece for me.  

2015. Writing poems became my hobby. I had to write an essay about my parents, and I decided to make it a poem. It was the easiest way to show how much I love them. It was my first poem about my parents, and they were so happy to read it.  

2017. I learned about Korean pop group BTS. I watched many videos of them talking about how they love making music and sharing it with people. Their songs helped me understand how self-love is important, as is getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new. For instance, I started to learn to play the piano by myself after hearing Suga's song "First Love." I began to take dance lessons after listening to "Mama" by J-Hope.

I realized that they were showing their feelings and telling stories through music and inspiring people. That is how I started to dream about making music and sharing it with people.  

2018. Lunchtime. We were talking about our dream houses and futures in general. Somehow, we got to a new topic—our future professions. My brother talked about engineering, and I was ready to talk about my dream of making music.

With excitement and a big smile on my face, I said, "I want to be a music producer in the future." However, our discussion ended up with the phrase, "Think about a real job," which was said discontentedly by my mom. My mood immediately changed, and I ran to the bathroom, because I couldn't hold back the tears.  

2019. The fact that my parents did not want to follow my dream seriously did not stop me. I continued to learn to play the piano by myself and show my achievements to my parents. I loved to watch School of Rock on Nickelodeon, and I just fell in love with the sound of the guitar.

I liked listening to Conan Grey's covers on YouTube and watching tutorials on how to make music. I talked about the guitar so often that my dad decided to buy a beginner acoustic guitar for me. I was so happy and searched for a few chords on the internet and tried to play them. It hurt my fingers.  

2020. I think my parents got used to hearing me playing instruments and singing. I found a piano teacher and asked my parents if I could take lessons. Surprisingly, they did not mind. I think I started to feel support from my parents.

2021. After seven months of taking piano lessons, my dad was surprised to hear me playing "Für Elise" and "Polonaise." He was a musician before, and that he is proud of me made me very happy.  

After year-long research of various music programs on PC, I finally downloaded one and made my first music on this program. I showed the result to my brother, and he set this music on his alarm clock. Although I am on the other side of the Earth, I feel great support from my family. Thanks to this, I made a song for exchange students: "Far away." It shows difficulties that exchange students may pass and motivates them not to give up.  

I appreciate this opportunity to show my talent and thank PAX for these competitions. I have never shown my songs to anybody except my family. So, if I win PAX's Got Talent!, I want to post this video on Instagram and show my friends,  who are exchange students. 

—Raushangul (FLEX, Kazakhstan), hosted by the Shriver family (IN)