The Legend of Malin Kundang

West Sumatran folklore first in Washington?

I present storytelling as my talent, because since I was a child, I have loved to tell and hear stories about anything, ranging from stories about myself to stories about everything I have seen and felt.

I think storytelling is the way to express what we feel in a more relaxed way. I also really like fairy tales because of the tones that play in every word, the reader's gestures, and every strand of movement plot a story, and make the words come alive.

This story is special because it is one of the thousands of fairy tales from Indonesia. This story is from the West Sumatra region. It is entitled The Legend of Malin Kundang. This is a folktale that tells about a boy who disobeyed his mother after he achieved his success, so he is cursed to turn into a stone.

The story about Malin Kundang has been passed from generation to generation since I was a child. Behind all these interesting stories, there is always a message. When I was a child and immersed in fairy tales, I felt the messages. The stories teach us about precious values.

Through folklore, we preserve our culture.

In addition, through folklore, we can also preserve our culture. I am very proud to be allowed to participate in PAX's Got Talent! and to be able to introduce this Indonesian folklore. It is very cultural and allows me the opportunity to share my storytelling talent in this international forum. I believe talent must be shown and not hidden. I believe that there is no successful actor who does not act crazy in front of everyone, there is no famous singer who does not raise their voice in front of everyone, and there is no fabulous storyteller who does not make a story come alive in front of everyone. 

—Felicia (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Heeter family (WA)