The End of a Story with a Heart Full of Memories
Jordanian exchange student speaking in video

End-of-year thoughts

From the start when I got this chance, I was so happy and excited. Throughout my journey, I’ve learned many things and built a new personality.

Getting this chance wasn’t a coincidence; I made a choice. Nothing worth having in life comes easy. Therefore, I worked hard to be named officially as an exchange student.

The journey of my exchange year wasn’t about the destination, if I could reach the U.S. or not. It was all about that feeling: the feeling of determination, being loved, being able to change into a better version of myself, and being able to explore the world from my desk in front of my laptop’s screen.

I advise students who are younger than me to apply to this opportunity. Trust me, your future self will thank you. When you grow up, you will realize the impact of being an exchange student.

My exchange year moments were the moments when I could escape from the ordinary and live another life. I was that busy girl who had meetings all the time and couldn’t get out of her room. I was preparing my monthly schedule, being afraid to miss a meeting, preparing presentations and videos, introducing myself to new people, and so on. Those memories and feelings will remain in my heart forever.

This experience has changed me a lot. I’m not the person I was before. It has given me a push up for life and a new Nagham. I’m now unstoppable, unbreakable, and capable of anything. I’m now creating the life of my dreams without looking back at my past. My exchange year has given me the feeling that dreams can come true and I can achieve many things in my life, so I’ll let my dreams be my wings and fly higher and higher by letting them come true.

I’m now unstoppable, unbreakable, and capable of anything. I’m now creating the life of my dreams without looking back at my past.

I’ve met new people and they’re now my friends. My host family is now my second family. Everyone will remain in my heart till the end. I’ll never ever forget any of them. I believe that I’ll see them when the road decides it’s the time for our paths to cross.

My exchange year helped me to get out of my comfort zone. I started seeing life through different eyes. I started from zero—from nothing—in order to become the person that I wished to be. It has reminded me that I’m the main character of my story. I started focusing on myself and working hard in silence.

No words can describe my feelings. This is me and how my exchange year has changed me. I’ve been working hard for a long time chasing every challenge to become the person that I am today, the one who can write what you are reading right now. I worked hard to become an inspiration to others, to create a unique story by being an exchange student, and share it with others and to let my experience be known by many.

Now, it’s the end. All my exchange year moments turned into memories. One day—whether I’m 20, 35 or 50—I’ll have these memories and wish that I could turn back the clock to the good precious old days.

In life, nothing can last forever. However, in our hearts beautiful things will always last forever. Every beginning has an end, and we’ve reached the end. Maybe, it’s time now to turn the page and say goodbye. It’s hard, but life goes on.

I want to thank everyone: my local coordinators, my host family, my friends from all over the world, and every person who has supported me throughout my journey. I’m so thankful and blessed.

Now from all my heart that’s full of unforgettable memories, GOODBYE to the best year and the best moments of my life.

—Nagham (YES, Jordan), Virtual Program