The Beginning of an Exchange Year in Pictures

Pep rallies and K-pop

Nonoka Japan TX early days pic1 800
They are my school friends. We have the same class and enjoy dancing every day!! I was so surprised when we first met because they are in 9th grade. In Japan, only people of the same grade are in the same class. We have the same hobbies, so I spend time with them every day.


Nonoka Japan TX early days pic2 800
These are my friends, too. They are exchange students from China and Taiwan. We teach each other our national languages sometimes. That's so fun for me, because I’m learning not only English but also other languages in America. We went to the pep rally together. That was so amazing. In Japan, we don't have pep rallies, so I am glad to have gone with my friends.


Nonoka Japan TX early days pic3 800x450
These are my host sisters. We went to a BTS cafe. We love K-pop. I thought it was very important to have a common hobby to start a good relationship. Even if you don't understand the language, you can get excited about a common hobby. 

I think we got to know each other better through K-pop. We talk about it almost every day. That's really fun, and I want to continue it. I am so appreciative of my host family. They help me a lot. I want to be able to do something for them. For example, teach them about Japanese culture, language, and how to make Japanese food. I want to enjoy a lot of things together for the rest of the time I spend with them.

—Nonoka (Japan), hosted by the Williams family (TX)