Thanksgiving Virtual Monopoly
Thai exchange student playing virtual Monopoly with young host sister, host mom, and military host dad

Another "only in 2020" Thanksgiving 

Hello. My name is Jeerana, and I come from Bangkok, Thailand. I live with my lovely host family in San Antonio, Texas in the U.S.A. My host dad is in the military, and he is leaving for deployment. However, before he goes, he has to quarantine for two weeks and do pre-deployment training for a few weeks.

For that reason, on Thanksgiving night, my host mom, younger sister, and I decided to play a virtual board game with my host dad. We played a board game called Montana Monopoly.

It is the board game that you win when you are the last one in the game. My host mom video called my host dad, so he could see the game board and play with us while he was in his hotel room in quarantine. You can see in the picture that we had a phone which was video called to my host dad.

You might wonder how he played. My host mom rolled the dice and moved the token for him. As you know, Monopoly always takes a long time to play, therefore we used about 3-4 hours to finish one game. At last, my host mom won the game.

It was a fun night. Everyone had good moments together. We smiled and laughed. It was a good experience even if I didn't win the game.

–Jeerana (Thailand), hosted by the Driver family (TX)