Texas is More than Cowboys and Country Music

Windows into Spain and Texas


When I found out that there was a family waiting for me in Texas, I started to imagine my life there. I imagined myself living with cows and learning how to dance to country music. But I was completely wrong. I'm sure there are farms with cows where people dance to country music, but life in Texas was much different than I thought.

When I heard about this virtual exchange, I called my friends in Spain to ask them what they thought Texas was like. And of course, just like me, they imagined cowboys and cowgirls living on a farm. So I decided to make a video to show them how it actually is.

I needed to connect both countries, so I came up with the idea of making a video showing what my friends in Spain thought about when I said Texas and what my friends in Texas thought when I said Spain.

After that, I filmed my city in Texas and my friends and family filmed some places around Spain.

It was great to have everyone working together to make this video possible. They all got to see each other's cities and change how they thought about different countries.

—Ane (Spain), hosted by the Rossbach family (TX)