Talkin' about Thailand
Exchange student from Thailand holds a cultural presentation in his Michigan high school

Krit gives the Upper Peninsula the lowdown

I’m Suppavit, but like many in my native country, I go by a nickname. Mine is "Krit." I'm an exchange student from a wonderful country in Asia: Thailand.

During International Education Week, I told Americans just what's so "wonderful" about it by giving country presentations. For my first presentation, I wore traditional Thai clothing. I was very nervous, because I thought no one knows about Thailand, and there may be many misconceptions.

Luckily, my first presentation went well. I was very delighted and fulfilled with how it went and encouraged by the reactions of my classmates. Everyone was surprised about the things that are from Thailand. They also never realized how beautiful that part of the world is or what Thai food is like (delicious!).

Everyone listened to me like they really wanted to know about Thailand. Some of my friends said, “Thank you for letting me know about Thailand. It’s like knowing things from the other side of the world.”

I also didn't forget about my host family during that special week. I held a presentation for them too. They loved it very much and would like to visit one day.

—Krit (Thailand), hosted by the Scuderi family (MI)