Talent Plus Hard Work Makes Beautiful Music

Talent is important, but...

I believe that everyone's got talent. But no matter if you have one or not—you can create something great if you work on it hard enough.

Since I was a kid, I have really loved two things: music and computers.

When I was five, my mom used to record me as I sang and danced. I was doing it for fun, but when my mom showed the videos to others, they would say that I should take music classes. I thought it was too hard after my first attempts, but later I realized that nothing could stop me from learning new skills and combining them to create beautiful things.

I always wanted to know how to play the guitar, and I always had the ability to start. I never put in enough effort though, so I thought I couldn't play. I found it really hard in the beginning, and I used to be afraid to move forward. Everything changed at the age of 14, when I actually tried harder and finally made progress. I've now been playing the guitar for two years. Working constantly and patiently has definitely helped me improve.

It was a completely opposite situation with computers. I loved working with them, and I didn't struggle a lot with anything I put my hands on. I found that one of my favorite things to do was video editing. I've been learning to take beautiful pictures and edit videos since I was 12, and it's always been easy for me.

Friends of mine tell me I'm talented at video editing and video directing, but thinking that I am not talented at something else doesn't stop me from learning how to do it. For example, I learned how to play my favorite guitar songs and even sing them, simultaneously!

I'm sure that having a talent makes the process of learning easier, but its absence should never stop anyone.

—Nazariy (FLEX, Ukraine), hosted by the Halstead family (NH)