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October 2021, Vol XXVII, No. 1

Welcome to PAX Press’ 27th year of cultural exploration, international families, and of course curious and courageous teens. In an issue characterized by a real energy and excitement, we have narrowed down many strong submissions to 20 we know you’ll really love. 

While "Alice" (Thailand), host sister Stella, and their penguin friend take the cover, long-time readers will notice that the stories themselves are ordered into five of our traditional sections. In “On the Home Front," it’s tough not to love the idea of a PAX family garage band.

Our “PAX PLUS” section showcases some seriously impressive teens—some of whom have already thrown themselves into community service. But if we had to guess, photos of exchange students petting and playing with puppies will likely be the PAX community’s favorite.

Julia’s well-written article on her initial acclimation stands out among a number of interesting pieces in the section known as “The Adjustment Cycle.” The Spaniard brings fresh language and metaphors to describe the “honeymoon stage” of the exchange year. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

Who wouldn’t love reading all about the simple pleasures Sezimai is experiencing in Indiana? Apple picking, snow cones, dunk tanks, working the concessions at the local football game—the “Exchange Living” article reads like a romanticized song about late summer and early fall in small town America!

And finally, reading Marian’s account of the moments leading up to his first American football game makes us think the Romanian has the right idea about taking advantage of the unique opportunities this year offers. His message and ours: “Get Involved!”

Thanks to all those who submitted such inspiring articles, and remember that is always collecting stories, anecdotes, photos, videos, and more!

—The PAX Press team


On the Home Front

Insight directly from host families about growing with their new son or daughter and expanding the concept of family




Volunteerism, leadership, culture sharing, and cluster enhancement activities



The Adjustment Cycle

Student reflections on culture shock, homesickness, and fitting into their new family



Exchange Living

Learning, growing, cultural differences, and all those fun facets of everyday exchange life



Get Involved!

Sports, the arts, school activities, and learning through teamwork