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Prom in Indiana: Rosa (YES Mozambique) and Bakhtiyor (FLEX Tajikistan)


May 2022, Vol XXVII, No. 6

Each PAX class stands out in its own right. They all touch us in a unique way, all leave their mark on America. So, what will the legacy of the 2021/22 cohort be?

It's difficult to consider the collective effect, but what if we consider the contributions in this single issue of PAX Press? Certainly, we'd come away with a few clues...

You may remember Anesa (FLEX Serbia) from last issue: the straight "A," National Honor Society student with 100+ volunteer hours who is active on her U.S. high school broadcast team along with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The young lady recently represented the state of Indiana at the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference in Dallas. Since our last issue, she was also selected for the laudable Civic Education Workshop in Washington, D.C.—look out world!

Then, there's Karina. The YES Indonesian is not without her own impressive list of accomplishments, but it's her recent role as a "buddy" (date) at a prom for those with special needs that will have you thinking, "This teen gets it."

Meanwhile, Yerkezhan (FLEX Kazakhstan) and Yoong Wen (YES Malaysia) continue to do what so many of us shy away from—putting ourselves out there. You'll get a chance to read about their culture sharing presentations and performances below. The two are not only proud representatives of their countries but also of PAX.

And finally—we'll need to stop somewhere, after all—we hear more from our FLEX Ukrainians in this issue, whose bravery and leadership have inspired us all.

So, what will the class of 2021/22's legacy be? A better world than the one they found.

Thanks so much to all the host families, schools, and PAX coordinators who have believed in the 2021/22 class and helped provide the support they needed to excel. The PAX community truly is a small-but-mightily-positive force. We can't wait to welcome the 2022/23 class in August!

—The PAX Press team


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