Exchange student from Thailand performs in Michigan high school musical 

June 2023, Vol XXVIII, No. 6

Just coasting their way to the end of the school year? Hardly! Like Yuno on this month’s cover, PAX students are giving it their all right up to the end. The Japanese exchange student in Arkansas recently showcased his skills and a notable aspect of his Okinawan culture, karate, in front of the entire student body—that’s 3,000 students!

Another PAXer who recently showcased serious courage and determination? That would be our Global Youth Service Day contest winner. As you’ll read in Lina’s (Bulgaria) project synopsis, educating her Indiana classmates on an important issue and raising funds to help refugees was anything but easy. Luckily, a large contingent of PAX exchange students was there to lend a hand.

On the topic of “helping out” (another important theme in this month’s issue), Noah from Germany and his Iowa host brother Myles characterized this best. When the local police department was moving their headquarters across town, these sturdy teens stepped up, assisting them with the move. They say a friend who helps with a move is a special type of friend. That must mean Noah and Myles are a special type of teen…

Meanwhile, out in Washington State, we heard from a special type of family: a hockey crazy one! But what makes this family really special isn’t their love for a local minor league team. It’s that shared bond and intangible feeling when they all cheer them on together. Dara from Mexico was lucky to be a part of that this year—especially since they cheered them all the way to a league championship!

These and the other stories featured in this issue are only a fraction of the memories created this year all around the country, but they confirm an important sentiment: the PAX community is a small-but-mighty force for good!

As always, thanks so much to all the host families and schools who helped make this year such a success. Without you, these stories might never have been written.

—The PAX Press team


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