Welcome to a special summer edition of PAX Press, featuring some never-before-seen student projects. 
"Education systems," "hobbies," "personal history," and the especially interesting "international holidays" were among the PAXers' chosen topics for this year's virtual exchange projects. As you might imagine, they offer plenty of fun insight—like how Kazakh students celebrate the beginning of spring (cover image).

Also inside:

- Learn what German, Indonesian, and American school systems have in common;
- Hear how they kick off the school year in Central Asia; and
- Find out which historical event most touched the lives of students from countries as diverse as the U.S., Spain, Kyrgyzstan, and Mozambique.

Our impressive exchange students report on all that and more in this special summer edition of PAX Press!

Full Issue: July 2022, Vol. XXVII, No. 7

PAX Press July 2022 PDF Cover ImageWe're throwing it back to the printable PDF era for the July issue of PAX Press.




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