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December 2021, Vol XXVII, No. 3

It's another packed issue thanks to our wonderfully engaged 2021/22 class of PAX exchange students. Here are our tips...

While recent swim team addition and FLEX Student of the Month Anastasiya (Ukraine) takes the cover, it has to be our International Education Week (IEW) contest submissions that really make the issue. Contest winner Tazrian (YES, Bangladesh) along with her YES peer Givani (Indonesia) both have wonderfully interesting IEW projects with dance videos you won't want to miss.

Plus, it seems our old friend Yerkezhan actually began preparing for IEW back in July! Check out the video she and two other FLEX students from Semey, Kazakhstan put together about their hometown, just before leaving their hometown.

Then, we think you'll want to hear about the exciting conclusion to Eduardo's (Mexico) Illinois football season.

And finally, Carolina's (Spain) got a little bit of everything going on in Minnesota. We love to hear that and think you'll love to read all about!

Thanks to all those who submitted such inspiring articles, and remember that is always collecting stories, anecdotes, photos, videos, and more!

—The PAX Press team


International Education Week

A selection of IEW recaps with fun videos



Get Involved!

Sports, the arts, school activities, and learning through teamwork



Exchange Living

Learning, growing, cultural differences, and all those fun facets of everyday exchange life



More IEW

Spain, Pakistan, and Ukraine get in on the fun



And Finally...

A few odds and ends to round out the issue