Exchange student from Thailand performs in Michigan high school musical 

April 2023, Vol XXVIII, No. 5

After a three-month hiatus, "The newspaper for exchange students, host families, and schools" is back with a dozen stories that'll make you remember why you fell in love with high school exchange in the first place.

Julian, for example, demonstrates the type of character that has made him a beloved addition to his team and Washington community alike. Host mom has the German's story.

Plus, we catch up with two alums doing important work. They reflect on their PAX program and how it helped get them where they are today.

Then, two current PAXers report on educational opportunities that took them to our nation's capital—it sounds like they got the full D.C. experience.

Plus, both PAX's FLEX (Laura from Armenia) and YES (Moe from Lebanon) nominees for April Student of the Month were selected by the U.S. Department of State as the overall program winners! Read all about their outstanding years along with a couple past nominees we thought to catch you up on.

But first, we recommend checking out two very talented PAXers: Orchlon on the piano and Pinny on stage. You'll be glad you did.

Enjoy—we'll be back to wrap up the year with one more issue. As always, get your stories, photos, and videos over to to be featured.

—The PAX Press team


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