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April 2022, Vol XXVII, No. 5

Welcome to the second-to-last issue of the 2021/22 program. "Well balanced" might describe the array of exchange student articles we have for you this time around.

On the solemn and thought-provoking side of things are two special pieces focusing on our Ukrainian students and their natural families. This includes Sofiia in Arizona facing down frightening times with the help of her American friends and family. We're honored the Mariupol native chose to share the piece with us.

We also hear the perspective of Vermont host mom Heather Kilburn, whose Ukrainian student Arman "has shown our town how courageous he is." The young man is pictured with Governor Phil Scott on this month's cover.

In addition to those understandably weighty pieces, you won't want to miss two other important features...

First, a team of ambitious Indonesians present their contest-winning "virtual exchange." The project explores global education systems.

And finally, PAX Press catches up with a busy 2015/16 alum. Now back in his native Kenya, James Sifuna is both finishing college and running for local office. If he can make time for PAX Press, we hope you can too—enjoy the articles!

—The PAX Press team

 P.S. Thanks to all those who sent their contributions for this issue. We'll be back with a May/June issue to wrap up the year, so start brainstorming now and be on the lookout for our submission deadline.


Special Updates

1 alum interview, 2 Ukrainians, and 4 contest winners 




Volunteerism, leadership, culture sharing, and cluster enhancement activities



Exchange Living

Learning, growing, cultural differences, and all those fun facets of everyday exchange life



Get Involved!

Sports, the arts, school activities, and learning through teamwork



Spring Break

Sunshine and R&R: PAX families hit the beach