PAX Press April 2021


APRIL 2021, VOL. XXVI, NO. 4

Spring is always a great time for PAX students and host families. Even the excitement of the exchange experience isn't enough to keep the winter blues completely at bay—particularly in the northern part of the country. But as the weather warms and the trees bloom, it brings a certain positivity and enthusiasm to the PAX community.

We've seen this in excited photos from prom, Easter, sunny day trips, and even some very special spring breaks—like our cover photo of Umama (YES 2018/19, Bangladesh) and her host great-grandparents. Nearing the end of her freshman year at San Jose State University, her former hosts arranged for her to spend the time off with "family," and we're so glad Umama decided to share the news with us!

As for the full articles and accompanying videos below, they (much like this year), are a bit of a hodgepodge. We hear directly from some current participants in the USA. Virtual Program students let us in on some of their “peer-to-peer” projects, a joint initiative of FLEX and YES students with the International Baccalaureate Program students at Plymouth High School in Canton, Michigan. And finally, we hear from more great alums like Umama!

We hope you enjoy the issue. As always, thanks so much for your support of our students!

–The PAX Press team


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