Host Moms: Exchange Students Write About the Gift of Family

Ask any exchange student and they're likely to tell you that their host mom, dad, and siblings are the center of their experience. These are the people who introduce students to the basics of American culture, help them learn about their host communities, and provide the backdrop of home and stability that allows them to make the most of their exchange years. 

Host moms also inspire. Students write about their host families more than any other subject, sharing exciting events like family vacations, exchanging Christmas gifts, and celebrating Mother's Day with their American mom. They also write letters about everyday experiences like making dinner, doing homework, or learning how to take care of a family pet.

We also get wonderful letters and stories from host moms telling us about their experiences and giving practical advice to current and future families who choose to host an exchange student. We value their wisdom and appreciate their dedication to the PAX community.

Here are stories and letters from PAX students about their host moms and from host moms about their exchange sons and daughters. We hope you’ll enjoy these stories and see how our students arrive with one family and depart with two.

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