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Share all about his country? Luqman's "on it!"


The International Education Week Edition

It's no secret that we're passionate about exchange in particular and crazy curious about the world in general. That's no doubt why we find International Education Week (IEW) so incredibly inspiring—we just love hearing the student recaps!

Of course, they all have a great deal of fun dressing up in their national costumes and sharing quirky parts of their cultures (we all have them), but they come away from the experience with so much more than they expect. Year after year, students share their surprise that their audience was really interested and asked many questions. Often, the biggest lesson they take is that if you really try and really put yourself out there, people tend to respect and respond to that.

Naturally, IEW is also an important opportunity for students to learn more about their own cultures and develop public speaking skills. Whatever lessons PAX students took from IEW 2019, we're certainly very lucky they're willing to share it all with us! We hope you enjoy perusing them as much as we do.

—The PAX Press team

P.S. Jack (China), Tim (Germany), and the Rubio crew would like to wish y'all a very merry Christmas from Texas!