Farewell 2019/20

A final look back at the 2019/20 exchange year? For us, there's no better way than with this emotional goodbye vlog the Messmann family in Indiana pieced together for their remarkable student (see above). The impact one motivated student can have on an entire community (extended family, teachers, friends, local non-profits...) has never been more clear.

Also—and as we've done the last four summers—we'd like to share the 2019/20 class' inspiring "virtual exchange" projects. Focused on technology-based international learning and sharing, the projects take on somewhat of a special meaning this year.

And finally, we're happy to share some fun, student-created, culture-sharing videos. At long last, we get to learn some Turkish and Indonesian slang (you know you're curious) and hear a proper performance from Spanish student Martin on his accordion-like trikitixa.

It's all in this month's issue of the newspaper for exchange students, host families, and schools!