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While the last weeks and months have been challenging to say the least, the PAX community’s response has been predictably positive. The final full issue of the program year is testament to that.

Sewing masks for the local hospital, baking cookies for essential workers, creating inspiring front yard displays—thank goodness for people like you in our communities!

We also hear from a number of students and host families whose program was cut a bit short. Now apart, they reflect on the experience and the peculiar period in which we find ourselves at the moment.

And as befits the times, our Global Youth Service Day contest winner, Tilyan (YES, Pakistan), tackles tough issues, virtually.

"Virtually Ending"
May 2020, Vol. XXV, No. 6

PAX Press Web Covers May2

Jomana (pictured above): "For all the exchange students who have to leave the U.S. early, I’m so sorry you have to leave without saying goodbye to everyone you knew during this year. But try to remember that all of this is a unique experience that no one before has had to go through and that you learned a lot of new things."



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