The IEW Edition

In this month's issue, we celebrate two joyous occasions: International Education Week (IEW) and the holiday season!

A joint initiative of the U.S. Departments of State and Education, IEW is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. In honor of IEW, PAX students hold presentations about their culture throughout the community. From live renditions of their national anthem to food, dance, poetry, and more, we share what students were up to in this month's issue.


—The PAX Press team

PAX Press December Horizontal Web Cover

Tursunai (FLEX, Kyrgyzstan) takes a break from her International Education Week presentations for a photo shoot around town. Taken under the direction of her 18-year-old host sister and photographer Kaitlyn, the collection adds an additional aesthetic element to the FLEX student's IEW story. [Images: Kaitlyn Dow Photography]


IEW Contest Winner

International Education Week was also the theme of the PAX Student Contest #2. When all the votes were counted, Tursunai from Kyrgyzstan was the big winner!

International Educational Week is over! It was so much fun! I managed to do eight presentations.

I tried to make my presentations interesting. I played our national instrument oz komuz, made a poster with pictures of Kyrgyzstan, brought different Kyrgyz things made of felt with Kyrgyz ornaments, brought Kyrgyz money and explained how many ice creams you could buy with it. I displayed my favorite Kyrgyz tradition Tisho Toy; it was fun, and the winners got souvenirs. I even added some memes to make it interesting!

In my presentation, I talked about geography, interesting facts, the government system, my city (Bishkek), demographics (people, religions, culture), history, folklore, the flag and national emblem, sports, the World Nomad Games (and invited everyone to WNG 2020!), climate, places to visit, national house, costumes, food, instruments, the education system, and my school day! I explained the goals of FLEX and PAX. I cooked our national food, borsok, three days in a row, and I’m very glad everyone liked it.

It was such an amazing experience! I felt a lot of responsibility during IEW, because I’m an ambassador of my country, the FLEX program, PAX, and also... my family. People learn about Kyrgyzstan from me, and I was excited and a little nervous. But everything went well. IEW was such a great opportunity to show appreciation for my own culture and break some stereotypes. It was inspiring! Now, I’m charged with a lot of positive energy from people who watched my presentations. I’m so thankful to FLEX and PAX for this! 

—Tursunai (FLEX, Kyrgyzstan), hosted by the Dow family (IN)


 IEW Videos

A number of students put together highlight videos of their IEW activities. Check out some of our favorite below! 





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