Charles from the Philippines - PAX Press Web Cover 2

 Charles (YES, Philippines) takes in the breathtaking scenery in Washington State.


"America the Beautiful"

A couple of great early submissions about Niagara Falls (NY) and Mt. Rainier (WA) had us thinking about dubbing this issue "America the Beautiful" for the striking imagery in student photos. As the submissions continued to roll in—homecoming dances, a Mississippi farm, fall football—we realized these also fit the sentiment well... so, we're going with it!

The first full issue of the year is always one of our favorites. There are so many first impressions and reflections about expectations versus reality. So many students eager to tell us about their new family. So many families excited to share their new son or daughter's early achievements. And—in keeping with our theme—so many groups exploring the beauty in their own backyard!

Enjoy. And thanks so much to everyone who took the time to share.

—The PAX Press team