Student Council Embraces Cultures
Exchange students from many countries show off their cultural pride in Ohio

Pakistani's pitch a hit in Ohio

I wanted to talk about the responsibility on my shoulders as an exchange student. I want my exchange year to have meaning—whether it be regarding my personal growth or improving the reputation of my country.

The realization of this responsibility hit me when I was sitting in a student council meeting, where students were pitching ideas for the high school Spirit Week. My mind clicked and I pitched the idea of having a Culture and Personal Heritage Day, thinking of it as the best opportunity to be able to represent my religion and country.

I pitched the idea of having a Culture and Personal Heritage Day.

The idea seemed to grab the attention of my peers and it was done and decided. I woke up that day with an unusual eagerness to go to school, both because I was wearing my country's national dress, shalwar kameez, and because I wanted to learn about the different cultures present in my school. I got plenty of compliments on my traditional clothing and learned a lot about diversity in America. It was a good day, and undoubtedly a highlight of my exchange year.

—Talha (YES, Pakistan), hosted by the Gorsuch family (OH)