Spaniard Has a Busy Start in Utah
Spanish exchange student with friends at baseball game

Hoovering-up experiences

My name is Sergio and I’m from Spain. This year, I am going to live in Utah with the Floyd family. The Floyds are a family who like to do a lot of things. Since I’ve been here, I have done a lot of things. During my first week in the U.S., I went to Las Vegas, and it was amazing as the casinos were enormous. 

The first day of school was at first very scary and exciting as I didn't know anyone and the schools here are much bigger than in Spain. During the first week, I got used to where the classes were. Thanks to the people in class, the first week was much easier as they helped me with everything and asked questions about my country. 

Now, it has been two months since I started school and I have gotten to know a lot of people and I have gone to some football games, which I had never done before in my life. In school, I have joined two different clubs, one in which Latinos gather to talk about their countries. I’m looking forward to the second club that teaches about business management.  

—Sergio (Spain), hosted by the Floyd family (UT)