South Adams Meets Azerbaijan
High school exchange student from Azerbaijan in national costume holding flag at U.S. high school

Traditional dance highlights week

It is a proud feeling to represent the country where I was born and raised. Because Azerbaijan is a small country, most Americans do not know anything about it. And I enjoyed introducing my country to them. 

I presented about Azerbaijani culture and performed the Azerbaijani national dance called Uzundara. I gave a total of ten presentations at South Adams High School, Middle, and Elementary, and about 230 people listened to my presentations.

It was gratifying when the students asked me interesting questions about my country. I enjoyed sharing my culture. I was very happy that my dance and national costumes were liked by teachers and students. The most memorable moment was when a high school student asked me, "When is our next class? I want to learn more about your country!"

—Shafiga (FLEX, Azerbaijan), hosted by the Reynolds family (IN)