Somebunny is Going to be Missed!
Japanese exchange student playing with his younger American cousins on Easter
Shu piles on during the Easter family fun in the Hoosier state.

Year hopping right along for Saudi and Japanese students

Over Easter weekend, Shu and Aziz visited their host cousins in Plymouth, IN, for Easter family fun and an egg hunt! The boys have made such an impact on their host cousins that Khloe actually asked me, “Aunt Sabrina, could you please adopt Ah-Shu and Ah-sneeze (their nicknames) so that they don’t have to go home?” Khloe’s mother had shared that Easter might be the last time she and her brother Cadien, age three, might see the boys, and he was very sad. 

Cadien adores the boys, especially Aziz, who is amazing with kids and is a “baby whisperer!” I thought it was the sweetest thing that my nieces and nephews love my exchange sons that much!

—Sabrina Hickey (IN), community coordinator and host mom of Abdul (YES, Saudi Arabia) and Shu (Japan)