Sketch Artist
Sketch of Money Heist La Casa De Papel

Oscar's little hobby

In middle school, I had a school project that was about animals. The teacher said we had to use pictures. I preferred to draw one instead of finding one online. The animal that I drew was a hawk.

I received many compliments on that project. The hawk was followed by other projects for which I drew a zebra and a lemur. I had a history project where I drew the Mona Lisa. My friends started to ask me to draw things for them. Now, it is a hobby that I really enjoy.

I have never had an art lesson. I just need a picture to copy and I can draw almost a photocopy image. I prefer to use only pencils on my art projects. I am good at shading and blending with just pencils.

I have never had an art lesson.

I just finished an art project that I was working on here in the USA. It is some characters from a Netflix series that I like to watch, La Casa de Papel. I learned that it is also a series that my host mom loves.

This project took me two months to do, but I had many distractions, like soccer. Overall it took me about 12 hours to draw. It was the first time that I added color to one of my projects. My host mom bought some charcoal pencils and blending tools for this project. It has many different types of pencils, but I have two that I prefer to work with.

For a future project, I have thought about drawing Pennywise, a character from one of Stephen King's books. Stephen King lives in the town where I am staying for my exchange year. 

–Oscar (Mexico), hosted by the Roach family (ME)