Singing for a Roaring Crowd
Chinese exchange student and her American friend with the Detroit Tigers’ mascot after a baseball game
Zoey (right) and a friend hug the Detroit Tigers’ mascot, following their performance.

Chinese student serenades Tiger fans

I am a Chinese exchange student in Michigan, and my story is about music. In China, I sang Peking Opera and won some prizes. I like Peking Opera because it is the quintessence of traditional art and culture in my country. Also, I am keen on playing piano. I really enjoy music because I can read the emotion in it.

After I arrived in America, I joined the Select Choir at my high school, Bay City Western. It is the top choir with many talented singers. My music dream started to be unique, and my singing skills have improved. In the past eight months, my choir has had three concerts and a competition at Central Michigan University, but being invited to sing the National Anthem at a Detroit Tigers’ baseball game on April 23 was the most significant thing in my exchange year! My picture was even used in a news story about it and my face was shown on the giant screen in Tigers’ Stadium!

Although I have to leave this wonderful country in two months, I will keep all these memories in my heart and continue to live my music dream.

—Zoey (China), hosted by the Welch family (MI)