Simple Pleasures in Indy
Exchange student from Kyrgyzstan and American host mom with their snow cones

Kyrgyz student already part of the community

Although I have only been in Indiana for two short weeks, I have already made so many wonderful memories! My memories began when I flew to America. I will never forget how I met my family at the airport. I was happy to see these two wonderful people waiting for me and holding a sign that read, “Welcome to America!” I now call them Mom and Dad.

When we got home, I met two wonderful boys who are my brothers. They are so funny, and I love to go on walks with them when we return home from school each day. One time while my brother and I were walking, it started to rain and we had to run home! It was one of the most magical moments in my life.

Walking is not the only activity that my family and I have enjoyed together. We have also been enjoying our time together by sharing different aspects of our own cultures. For example, I brought presents for my family from Kyrgyzstan. I love the way our national headdress looks on my brothers and dad! I was very glad to see that they enjoyed their gifts. As for American culture, Mom has taught me several American games such as the board game Sorry and various card games. I even won a couple of times!

I also enjoyed going to a fall festival … and got to try to dunk the school’s principal. I wasn’t successful, but my mom was able to dunk him TWICE!

We have visited many new places as well—I now know that I love Starbucks! I also enjoyed going to a fall festival being held at my mom’s school where I met a lot of new people, ate my first snow cone (YUM!), and got to try to dunk the school’s principal. I wasn’t successful, but my mom was able to dunk him TWICE!

I have already begun volunteering as well! My mom signed us up to work in the concession stand for one of our school’s football games. Mom took care of the soft drinks while I was in charge of the popcorn. I loved serving others, meeting and talking with the other volunteers, and of course, trying out all of the food.

My favorite memory has to be when my whole family went to the apple orchard. We were able to walk, pick apples straight from the tree, and drink apple slushies. We were alone with nature and each other.

I have only been here for a short time, but already my new reality has exceeded all of my expectations. I am very happy with my new life in America.

—Sezimai (FLEX, Kyrgyzstan), hosted by the Moore family (IN)