Settling in to Life in Kansas
Female exchange student from Spain in Kansas on back patio

Spaniard's first impressions

My name is Meritxell. I’m 16 years old and I’m from a little town called Biar in the southeast of Spain. I’m spending my exchange year in Kansas with the Shephard family, and I go to school at Mulvane High School.

I’ve been here since the last week of August, and so far my experience has been awesome. My first day in Wichita, I met my first friend. We went to have lunch and had a great time getting to know one another. I spend most of my time with two friends. They are siblings and they are both amazing.

The first day of school was very interesting and confusing, because the building is much bigger than what I’m used to, but the teachers and the other students helped me to find my classes. I have met really kind people in Mulvane and in Wichita.

I learned how to bake, and it is very interesting. I have some recipes from my country and have to do all the conversions (the first time I goofed up). In the end, the cake was really good.

I feel very lucky, because my host family is awesome, and I love them. We have the same interests. I think that this year will be amazing with my family and friends. Although this year is very different, I’m sure that we are going to find ways to have fun.

—Meritxell (Spain), hosted by the Shephard family (KS)