Season of Experiences and Opportunities
Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program participant from Pakistan canoeing with his host brother from Minnesota
Syed tries out canoeing with host brother Timothy

Syed falling right into autumn

I am Syed. I am further from my home in Pakistan than I have ever been before, and this exchange year in the U.S. is allowing me to have many new opportunities and experiences.                           

Fall is a season of new opportunities and experiences for all exchange students. This is the season when I experienced my first ever snow in Minnesota. When I woke up and saw snow outside I didn't believe it was really snow. I felt like I was in Narnia! 

I also celebrated my first ever Halloween to the fullest. My clown costume made everyone's Halloween night crazy and now this night will be remembered as one of the best nights of my life.                                      

High school life is my favorite. After the crazy soccer season I have now joined school senate and speech club. I really love to improve my public speaking skills and this is one of my biggest goals.                              

My host family and I did some crazy things this month. We rented a house near a lake. This made me closer to my family and also showed me even more why hosting matters. During this marvelous time, I experienced a new thing called boating. Yes, I went boating with my host brother Timothy.

In every part of exchange life my host parents help me and motivate me to try new things.

—Syed (YES, Pakistan), hosted by the Hansen family (MN)