Sahar's First Piece for the School Newspaper
Exchange students from Pakistan poses with her school books outside her Wisconsin host family's home

"From the barren mountains of Balochistan..."

I was always interested in journaling. Back in Pakistan, I would journal fiction and sometimes non-fiction. I used to highlight current issues of my country through my writing and most of them were published in local and national newspapers.

Coming to the U.S., I came up with the idea of experiencing American journalism through a journalism class. During the first week of the class, I was overwhelmed. I mixed up a lot of things that are different back in Pakistan.

I never wrote for a school newspaper before. I eventually got used to it and my teacher explained everything to me. After making my profile page in the newspaper, I wrote a column sharing my story and the differences I have come across in these early weeks.

I had the opportunity to write profiles for the new staff members. I got to interview one of them and am looking forward to writing their profile for the school newspaper. I am so glad I took journalism as a subject.

—Sahar (YES, Pakistan), hosted by the Swanson family (WI)