Running into a New Life
Richard and his teammate after a cross country meet

Step by step

My name is Richard, and I am an exchange student from Ghana. To have the opportunity to study abroad has always been my dream. One month in the USA has been a remarkable part in my life.

I was warmly welcomed by my host family into their home. My experience with new food has been an adventure. Food in the USA tastes very different, but I promised myself that I would try to eat every new food unless I am allergic to it. On my first Sunday in the USA, my host family took me boating.

I joined the cross country team at school. At the beginning, I was terrible at running but as time passed by I gained fitness. Everyone is so nice to me, and I am very happy. School is really fantastic. I have made lots of friends. I love my town!

—Richard (YES, Ghana), hosted by the Alferink family (IA)