Preparing for International Education Week
exchange student making Mongolian food with young host siblings for International Education Week

Young siblings = great helpers

I hope that every exchange student is excited about International Education Week!

To prepare for International Education Week and share our culture with each other, a bunch of exchange students that live in my area gathered together. We cooked our cultural foods and made some presentations about our countries. 

I had never tried to cook my traditional dishes before, so I had no idea what to do. I looked for some recipes online and asked for help from my mom back home. My host mom and I decided to try to make some Mongolian food. Even though it was the first time that I made it, my host family liked it. So, I was happy to do it again for the gathering. 

When I made Mongolian food for other exchange students and my coordinator, they all liked it and enjoyed it. It was such an interesting and fun experience to learn how to cook my traditional dish in the U.S. I also tried other foods from different countries and learned fascinating things about other cultures. 

—Lhagvasuren (FLEX, Mongolia), hosted by the Reynolds family (IN)