Playing the Harp from the Heart

Frenchman on the power of music

I have played the harp for ten years. It is an amazing instrument. The one in the video has 47 strings and seven pedals.

Playing the harp transports me to another world filled with emotions. It is amazing. I do not know how to describe these complex emotions, but they are very good. When I play with my eyes closed, these emotions are different and more powerful. They can change my mood.

Depending on the music I play I can feel more energetic, but often I become melancholy. In these moments, I feel sad even though there is nothing bad in my life to cause that emotion. I think these feelings come because I play from my heart. Other people have told me that they also feel emotions when I play.

From a technical side when I close my eyes, I need to have an idea of the space and know where the different strings are. This song is easier than most, because my fingers do not have to jump much, all notes are close together. But finding the first note is still a little bit difficult. That is why I need to visualize the harp in my mind.

Right now, I cannot play the harp because I am in America as an exchange student, which is an amazing experience. Maybe, I will rent a harp to experience those deep emotions and to share my music with my host family.

–Paul (France), hosted by the Cruz family (WA)