Play Ball!
High school exchange student from Russia during a softball game in Wisconsin
Kristina takes a near suicidal lead off first, as she looks to steal.

Russian learns America's favorite pastime

For me, spring means something new. That is how I decided to try softball. At first I was a little scared to go to the practice. Girls have been doing this sport for years, and I never even heard about it. After my first practice, I realized how much I liked it and how naturally it comes to me. Coaches and teammates showed huge support and continued helping me going through all the rules and details of the game!

It has been two games so far, and we won both of them! We have a lot more, and I am going to do my best. This is so exciting to have a wonderful team and coaches, to try a totally new sport, and to fall in love with it! Don't count the days, make the days count. Try something new when you have a chance, and have a unique experience!

—Kristina (Russia), hosted by the Vehrenkamp family (WI)