Perform for 2,000 People!?
Exchange student from India holds her flag in Arkansas gymnasium

Arkansas gets a taste of Bollywood

I'm very excited to report on a unique opportunity I had last month.

On March 15, we had a multicultural assembly at our school. This gave me the chance to dance—something that I’m passionate about and love to do.

I performed Indian semi-classical and Bollywood dances. I practiced my dances for one week. I was a little bit nervous about performing all alone, because my school has around 2,000 students. Performing in front of 2,000 people was not an easy task for me. But I performed. 

The surprising part was that everybody enjoyed my dance and appreciated me so much that I still remember the loud cheering. I had great support from my host family and school counselor, teachers, and principal.

I felt very happy and blessed after receiving so much love from everybody for my dance.

—Hema (YES India), hosted by the Kohltfarber family (AR)