Exchange student from Thailand performs in Michigan high school musicalChristy (Lebanon) shared this lovely spring shot and our lead story. 


April 2024, Vol XXIX, No. 5

"The newspaper for exchange students, host families, and schools" is back with an issue that'll make you wish this spectacular class could stick around another year or two.

Kicking off the issue, we have Christy (YES Lebanon) and Lara (Germany). Not only were we blown away by these young ladies' recent achievements, their writing is sublime. We can't recommend their articles highly enough.

Next, we have one of the most touching pieces in recent memory: don't miss Ariella's (YES Indonesia) moving host family reflections.

Rounding out the issue are four admirably involved PAXers and four more Students of the Month. You won't believe all the things these teens have fit into their exchange year!

And with that, enjoy! We'll be back to wrap up the year with one more issue. As always, get your stories, photos, and videos over to to be featured.

—The PAX Press team




Impressive achievements, talented writers



Friends & Family

Two heartwarming submissions




Exchange Living

All those fun facets of everyday exchange life





Spring culture-sharing events



Get Involved!

Career-oriented extracurriculars in Wisconsin



Students of the Month

PAX's March nominations




Students of the Month

PAX's April nominations