PAX Alumni Become Social Media Mentors

Former students pass on words of wisdom

This fall, PAX is excited to have a group of alumni volunteering to pass on the wisdom of their experience to our on program students in the U.S. Who better to help them get the most from their exchange year? The group has members from all over the world, and whose exchange experiences go as far back as 2011—when Bruna from Brazil was in Michigan. She advised students to enjoy every day, spend time with their host families, and learn from everyone they meet.

You will see pictures, videos, and artwork on PAX's Facebook and Instagram as the group passes on helpful tips and words of encouragement to their counterparts here in the United States. Aleksis from Albania, who spent the 2018/19 year in Utah, pointed out that everything is easier when students believe in themselves! Alumni know how a positive word and a shoulder to lean on can make every exchange experience more special.

We love to keep in touch with our PAX alumni, and we’re glad to have the opportunity to connect with them further. We are learning how international exchange affected their lives, what about the experience they valued most, and especially what lessons they learned during their time in the U.S. As Amir from the Philippines, who spent the 2017/18 year in Ohio offered, “Don’t ever be afraid to try, it’s either you win or you learn.”

We look forward to learning from our former students throughout this year and in the years to come, as they share their American experiences. As Maksym from Ukraine, who spent the 2017/18 year in Illinois, reminds us, “The best memories are always made in the places you would never expect.”

–The PAX Press team

Seek discomfort and put yourself out there. Time flies and you have none to waste!

Sophie from Germany (PA, 2017/18)