Paddling on the Potomac
YES program participant from Egypt kayaking on the Potomac River during a trip to Washington, D.C. with his host family
A stunning shot of Taqey in his kayak on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C.

Unique American experience for Egyptian

The day that this photo was taken was a very good opportunity to go kayaking, and as an exchange student from Egypt, it was my first time to go to Washington D.C. So, I was able to spend time exploring the city. It was so awesome that I finally had the chance to see two of the United States’ greatest memorials: the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.

We went kayaking on the Potomac River, paddling for 2.5 miles! It was so tiring, but it was also fun to do. I was so happy to spend such a day with my host dad and brother, and I believe it was one of the best experiences I've ever had in my entire life. It made me so excited; it was a great start to my year here in the United States. I am so proud that I am an exchange student who spends his time connecting lives, sharing cultures, and seeking to make the world better. One last piece of advice: never skip a chance to try something new!

—Taqeyallah (YES, Egypt) hosted by the McCarthy family (VA)