Once Exchange, Forever Exchange
Ukrainian college student and former FLEX program participant in the USA attends university lecture
Svitlana puts her exchange experience to good use on the Employment and Social Affairs Committee

Alumna reflects, one year on

It has been exactly a year since I left my home and, at the same time, came home. It’s unbelievable how fast this year has flown! As an alumna, I would like to share my appreciation to every single person who worked and continues to work so hard to make all of our impossible and ambitious American dreams come true.

Reflecting on my exchange year, I can undoubtedly say that the year in the USA has pushed me (and hopefully other alumni) to move forward. That year fired a spark in me. Thanks to my exchange experience, I have been active in my community throughout the past year, engaging myself in different NGOs, teaching English, and even becoming a delegate-representative for the international session of the European Youth Parliament. To all the upcoming alumni who are worried that their year is coming to its end, I say do not worry—real life starts only after the exchange experience.

—Svitlana (FLEX 2015/16, Ukraine), hosted by the Schaller family (OH)