On the Right Track
Exchange student from Suriname with her Arizona track teammates

A leader & student-athlete's year in Arizona

[This article is part of the June 2024 issue of PAX Press.]

This program has meant a lot to me. It has brightened my social and leadership experience. This month, I have both my student council and leadership class banquet and also my track and field banquet. I am so glad that the weather is getting nicer. I like it better than winter.

I have learned a lot from my host family and friends and they also learned a lot from me. I shared my culture with them, especially food from my home country. I am planning to have a goodbye party with my host family and my friends to show them how much I appreciate what they did for me. I'm also making a poster for my teachers.

I did track and field as a spring sport and we did great as a team. I did high jump and long jump and I feel like I did really well as a first-timer. Prom was a week ago, and I had a lot of fun. It was my first prom, and I think it will be the best one.

I'm really thankful that I got the opportunity to be an exchange student. 

—Ronnyelle (YES Suriname), hosted by the Carbajal family (AZ)