Olympic Moment in Mississippi
Exchange student from Spain meets Cory Ann McGee

Unforgettable experiences for Paula (ESP)

My name is Paula, and I am an exchange student from Spain. I am in the state of Mississippi with a great host family doing incredible activities. The most recent good experience was living a real American Halloween, carving pumpkins, and doing the famous trick-or-treat. We went to a classic American neighborhood, and I enjoyed my first and last trick-or-treat.

This week was our last football game. The best part of the fall season has been the football games. It is just like a movie. It is kind of sad that it’s over, but I am ready for the basketball season.

My exchange year so far has been like a dream, doing things like visiting the beaches of Florida, going to some college football games, going to pep rallies (which were super funny and everybody got crazy), and visiting new states and cities like New Orleans and Memphis.

There might be difficult moments, but that’s how we grow and mature.

I’ve also lived the experiences that we, as exchange students, dream to live: the homecoming dance, the rides on the yellow school buses, and just listening to music in the car with your friends while the sun goes down.

I am on the cross country team, where I try to do my best and have made really good friends. At the last meet I went to, I ran a personal record! I am so glad I joined doing cross country, because it allowed me to meet an Olympic athlete, Cory Ann McGee, who went to my high school.

I am so excited to keep enjoying my exchange year. There might be difficult moments, but that’s how we grow and mature.

—Paula (Spain), hosted by the Foretich family (MS)