“Dunyabaru” Means New World

Host sisters connect Indonesia, Pakistan, and America


We named our project “Dunyabaru”. Dunya in Urdu means “world” and Baru in Bahasa means “new.” A combination of two words from different languages that form “new world.” Syakira and Jawaria are PAX exchange sisters. “Dunyabaru” is a result of mutual understanding and ideas between them. They decided to make a sustainable project that can connect three countries: Indonesia, Pakistan, and the U.S. In this digital era, the internet is the perfect way to spread their ideas.

They utilized blog sites, email, Instagram ,and YouTube for this project. All have the same purpose: to promote the three main programs of this project. They are “Sneak Peek,” an article about their countries posted on their blog site and sent through email to their subscribers; “Culture Graph,” an illustration about cultural differences that they have to help readers understand the topic posted both on Instagram and the blog; and “YouTube: Dunyabaru,” where they share their cultural differences and experiences.

Not only utilizing social media, Syakira and Jawaria also organized a postcard exchange. Students from the U.S., Pakistan, and Indonesia exchanged handmade postcards by mail. They believe all four projects will educate people about other cultures and broaden their vision of the world.

—Jawaria (YES, Pakistan) and Syakira (YES, Indonesia) hosted by Taylor family (IN)